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General Procedure
The participating laboratories receive 4 dried soil samples of a fraction < 0.5 mm every three months. They analyse the samples according to their own procedures and for those elements and parameters they are interested in. The results of the determinations are collected and processed at Wageningen University and published every three months under code names. Member laboratories are informed of the results in the third week after the deadline. WEPAL will not comment on results unless asked to do so.

Elements Determined
Determinations are currently made for the following elements and components. New analytes may be added by request of participants.

Quarterly Reports
All individual results are published in a quarterly report. This report is sent to participants within 3 weeks after the deadline for results.
... read more about quarterly reports.

Annual Report
In addition to quarterly publication of the analytical results, an annual report is issued every year.
... read more about annual reports.

Method Indicating Code (MIC)
In the reports behind all the results a Method Indicating Code (MIC) is added consisting of 4 characters. The first two characters refer to the used method of digestion or extraction, and the last two characters refer to the used analytical detection technique. In this way it is possible for all participants to compare the results of their analytical procedures more specifically with the results of other participants. This could be a further valuable tool in judgement of the individual results.

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