QUASIMEME Participants survey 2021

Published on
September 2, 2021

The survey was sent out to 457 contacts. There were 203 responses, giving a response rate of 44.3%. We are very pleased that so many participants invested time to give their opinion on QUASIMEME and the related services within our proficiency testing programme. Overall, we received an average rating of 8.8 and our Net Promoter Score was 53.

Compared to the survey sent out by QUASIMEME in 2018, the average rating increased from 8.4 in 2018 to8.8 in 2021. This shows that participants are even more satisfied with our services. The Net Promoter Score, which is used to determine participant satisfaction, also increased from 47 in 2018 to 53 in 2021. This means that more participants are satisfied and would promote our services to other laboratories.

In the end, we achieved higher scores on all the individual questions concernig the communication of our Project Office, the shipment of the samples and the relevance of the exercises, the round protocols, and the quality of our reports. This means that we have improved all of our services. Our aim is to maintain this happiness and further improve our services.

We received over 100 suggestions or remarks, ranging from very positive comments to suggestions for improvement or addition of certain determinands. Of these, 51 comments related to new activities. As we value your input, we contacted all participants who have provided suggestions or comments personally. The individual responses will be discussed and we implement them where possible. We will use the Scientific Advisory Board meeting in September 2021 to address many of the comments and also start specific discussions on our group page on LinkedIn.

We would like to thank everyone for their critical and positive comments. We hope that we can incorporate as many of the requests as possible in the programme of QUASIMEME in 2022.

If you have not been invited and would like to participate in the next survey, please contact us.


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