QUASIMEME catalogue 2022 is out

Published on
February 7, 2022

The latest catalogue for the proficiency tests organized by QUASIMEME in 2022 is out. This catalogue covers various programmes of contaminants in seawater, biota and marine sediment.

Some of the contaminants included in the QUASIMEME catalogue are nutrients, metals, PCBs, PAHs, BFRs, PFASs, shellfish toxins, microplastics, passive samplers and imposex. The list of determinands has been expanded for the exercises on Halogenated Organics in seawater (AQ5) and Triazines and Organophosphorus Compound in seawater (AQ8). New programmes in 2022 are the development exercises in (sea)water on PFAS (DE-18) and Pharmaceuticals (DE-19). See the new catalogue for our complete programme. In April, the first exercise round of QUASIMEME will start, followed by a second round in October. Check out QUASIMEME's full programme to see when which exercise is running and join our community.

Download brochure Quasimeme 2022